Jean Charles Blais

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  • exhibition dates: Nov 2013 - Jan 2014


"Everything in the world exists in order to end up as a book"
Stéphane Mallarmé


Mallarmé, they say, started the day by reading poetry. Jean Charles Blais listens to music. Poetry and music together make songs. Tuning images to poetry belongs to a long art tradition. With music the relationship has proven difficult. Drawing or painting musicians, yes. Music remains invisible. In this respect, 6 songs d’amour is a playful challenge.

Jean Charles Blais has chosen carefully six poems. Five of them inspired musicians (the music for Charles d’Orleans’ got lost). These poems and songs belong to different times and cultures: English, German, French, thus the tri-lingual title. They are published here in their original language and translated in Bulgarian. What they share is a common subject: love. But was there ever any other reason to write a song?

Then love is sacred, love is profane, love is nonsensical, love is tragic, love is forgiving, love is innocent. What is this thing called love? Or as a young contemporary poet stated recently: about love, we know almost nothing.




Can she excuse my wrongs with virtue’s cloak 1597
Robert Devereux 2nd Earl of Essex 1565-1601
John Dowland 1563-1626

Ще покрие ли тя греховете ми с добродетелен воал? 1597
Робърт Деверьо Граф Втори на Есекс 1565-1601
ДжонДоуланд 1563-1626

Chansons VI et VII 1450 circa
Charles d’Orleans 1394-1465
Musique inconnue

Песни VI и VII около 1450
Шарл д’Орлеан 1394-1465
Музика неизвестна

L’indifferent 1904
Tristan Klingsor 1874-1966
Maurice Ravel 1875-1937

Безразличният 1904
Тристан Клингсор 1874-1966
Морис Равел 1875-1937

The Owl and the Pussycat 1867
Edward Lear 1812-1888
Igor Stravinsky 1966

Бухалът и котката 1867
Едуард Лиър 1812-1888
Игор Стравински 1966

Verklärtenacht 1899
Richard Dehmel 1863-1920
Arnold Schönberg 1874-1951

Преобразена нощ 1899
Рихард Демел 1863-1920
Арнолд Шьонберг 1874-1951

Wozzeck 1922
Georg Büchner 1813-1837
Alban Berg 1885-1935

Возек 1922
Георг Бушнер 1813-1837
Албан Берг 1885-1935


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